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Heartbeets.ca began as a living journal, created to document my efforts of starting a plant-based diet in order to lose weight and become healthier. Cruel treatment of animals in factory farms was and continues to be another huge motivator for me.  Finally, the impact on the planet cannot be ignored and raising animals for food is no longer sustainable.

As a self-proclaimed “foodie”  the first thing I did after deciding to go plant-based was to fall into mourning. Me. I was well-known for my festive white-chocolate cheesecake and a boeuf bourgignon that  rivalled Julia Child’s. I was sad. Scared. I was so wrong. 

I have discovered that beautiful colourful fruits and vegetables are the best food on the planet. It has become so much fun to experiment and create recipes that utilize ingredients from around the world that come off the trees or out of the earth. So many herbs! Spices! Techniques! I can honestly say that cooking with plants is profoundly rewarding and exciting. The health benefits can be profound and many scientific studies point to the benefits of plant-based diets. It’s never too late to regain health, whether you are 40, 65 or 80!

So welcome here! Take a look around. I hope you decide to join me on this adventure! I am here to help in the transition, if you need it. If you can’t or don’t want to give up meat altogether, I can certainly help you add more plants and reduce the amount of meat in your diet.  Every little bit helps you, our fellow animal Earthlings and beautiful Mother Earth herself.