Heartbeets.ca is a living journal, created to document my efforts of starting a plant-based diet in order to lose weight and become healthier. Cruel treatment of animals in factory farms is another huge motivation for me.  Finally, the impact on the planet cannot be ignored and raising animals for food is no longer sustainable.

As a self-proclaimed “foodie”  the first thing I did after deciding to go plant-based was to fall into mourning. Me. I was well-known for my festive white-chocolate cheesecake and a boeuf bourgignon that  rivalled Julia Child’s. I was sad. Scared.  I was so so wrong.

I have discovered that beautiful colourful fruits and vegetables are the best food on the planet. It has become so much fun to experiment and create recipes that utilize ingredients that come off the tree or out of the earth. So many herbs! So many spices! I can honestly say that cooking with plants is profoundly rewarding and especially so when people try my meals and love them!

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.