Goodbye 2020! Grateful for this brand new year.

A few months ago, I told myself I would blog more regularly. I downloaded a schedule where I could slot in timely topics on a weekly basis and then I stared at it, completely uninspired. It  has been this way for weeks now. Is it COVID fatigue leading to writer’s block, or depression? Or is it just me, disappointed with how things have been working out in terms of my whole-food plant-based lifestyle because I have been less than perfect?

My sister-in-law says that you can’t take breaks from a lifestyle and she is right. COVID is no excuse for making repeated trips to the fridge even if it is only steps away from my home office. The holidays are no excuse to throw caution to the wind and start pouring cocktails and inhaling cookies. 

My daughters often justify reckless choices by shouting out “YOLO!!” (You Only Live Once) and sometimes I have to hand it to them, especially during a pandemic where lives are at risk every day and we just don’t know what the future will hold. 

I guess the trick is to walk slowly and carefully on that thin high-wire, finding the elusive “balance”.  I need to work more on reigning in the impulsive part of me that acts quickly and with reckless abandon – whether it’s with regard to eating, buying things on Amazon or staying up until 2 am reading when I know I have an early morning ahead. 

This sounds a lot like where I was last year at this time, and probably the year before that as well. Since Facebook began “On This Day” flashbacks, I have noted that “on this day” I am often doing or thinking exactly the same thing I was thinking or doing five or 10 years ago. Rinse. Repeat. Nothing changes, if nothing changes. 

None of this sounds very positive, does it? But it is. This is me switching things up. Recognizing that I am a self-indulgent sloth (adorable as they are)  who seems to take decades to progress, heigh-ho, onward we go. I am deciding to not berate myself for less-than-stellar past choices and to take the promise of this sparkling new year to move forward in the best way I can – with forgiveness, love and compassion.

The first steps for 2021 are to remind myself what I am doing and why I am doing it. A little motivational kickstart, but also keeping it realistic.

  1. Nutrition – For me, for the animals, for the planet. Continue eating a whole-food plant-based diet in order to lose weight and regain health, particularly to reverse Type 2 diabetes. While I try to limit salt, sugar and oil, I find that eliminating them completely is a huge challenge for me and will work more diligently to that end. I also wish to help others who are interested in moving towards plant-based eating. 
  2. Exercise – this goes hand-in-hand with nutrition and is non-negotiable. Daily movement, whether walking, hiking, jumping on the mini-trampoline, dancing, doing video aerobics, using the stair-stepper, lifting weights – it doesn’t matter what – just do itEvery day.
  3. Meditation – I need to do this to calm my mind, reduce stress and lower harmful cortisol levels. For me meditation comes in many forms: walking in nature, cooking, music, or yoga.  I need to grow my practice and make time to meditate every day.
  4. Gratitude – Appreciate and give thanks every day. Show compassion and kindness to others always.

Happy New Year! 




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